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MTB Nano TPU tube. 10 pack.

MTB Nano TPU tube. 10 pack.

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Wheel Size
Tire width
  • From just 60 grams.
  • Valve is 45mm presta.
  • High quality removeable valve cores.
  • Free shipping on two or more.

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A ten-pack of our MTB Nano tubes.

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Lighter - from just 60 grams!

With huge weight savings compared to both butyl and latex tubes the nano tubes offer big reductions in rotational weight compared to both tubed and tubeless set ups. Even if you are running tubeless, the nano's compact size means carrying an emergency spare is so much easier.


With reduced rotational weight and almost identical rolling resistance data to latex tubes, our nano tubes offer outstanding performance. With a minimal watt difference compared to the best tubeless options, nano tubes are a great, easy to use option for increased performance.


TPU tubes will not rip in storage and due to their plastic nature offer amazing puncture resistance. Air retention is around 100% better than butyl and an order of magnitude better than latex.

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