Using sealant with Nano tubes.

The one big claimed advantage tubeless tires have is their puncture resistance.  Of course, they are not actually puncture proof, but they self heal with the help of sealant when they are punctured.

But again they are not perfect so while tubeless tires may reduce punctures they certainly don't eliminate them. 

But they are in serious danger of losing this advantage with the advent of tube specific sealants.

Why are these different to normal tire sealant?

Normal tire sealants do work with tubes but they are not as effective as they could be due to the ingredients in them. They are specifically designed to plug a hole in a rubber tire a few mm thick. This means the things contained in those sealants actually need the tire in order to work properly. The particles that form the plug are in fact just too large to properly plug the thinner space afforded by a tube.

This is not the case with tube specific sealants. They are formulated to work with tubes. The ingredients in them are somewhat finer and as such can work with the thinner membrane of a tube.

What is available on the market and how do you get it?

From our testing we have established a few sealants that will work well with your Nano tubes, should you chose to go this way.

OKO Puncture Free Bike

OKO are a UK based sealant manufacture, that is all they do, so you would expect them to be the market leader.  Note they make multiple bike products so be careful to get the right one!

More details here


Muc-Off no puncture tube sealant

All round ace bike product maker Muc-Off also has an great product available in the area. This water based sealant is flagged as never drying out and lasting the entire life of the tube, so certainly worth looking at.

More details here


Buying and installation.

Both of the above products are readily available online or check out your local bike shop.  If your local shop uses them in bulk you may be able to avoid having to buy the entire pack and just pay for a tire full!

With the Nano tubes removable valve core its easy to follow the manufacturer instructions to set your bike up for a puncture free future.  Please do read those instructions carefully or have a pro help you out.


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