Are you feeling let down by tubeless?

You are not alone. While tubeless can be great, it can also be a monumental pain.

  • Painful to set up.
  • Painful to to maintain.
  • Painful to keep toping up air AND sealant.

That's where our high quality TPU (Thermo-polyurethane) Nano tubes can help you like they helped our friend Adrian.

Here are a few key facts for you taken from our blog on Nano tubes v Tubeless.

  • Set up is WAY easier with our Nano tubes.
  • The total set up can be lighter than tubeless! Crazy right? A tubeless tire can be 40-80 grams heavier than a traditional clincher, you then add 40-60 grams of sealant. A TPU tube weights from just 40 grams. See blog for specific example. Note the bigger the tires the bigger the benefit.
  • Rolling resistance is petty much identical.
  • Air retention over time is far superior using TPU Nano tubes.
  • You will not ever blow your tire off your rim using a TPU tube, nor burp away your air on the trails. That's pretty important!
  • Total cost. Tubeless tires cost between $US40 and $US80 more than traditional clinchers. Even more for high end tires. So total set up cost is actually lower.

Sound good? Why not try them out for yourself! We've got Road, Gravel, MTB and BMX tubes available for you. With more sizes in development.

Remember if you buy 3 the third is 1/2 price, but 4 and the forth is FREE. Got plenty of bikes? Buy 8 get 2 FREE! (12 get 3 and so on).

If you are a shop looking for a tubeless alternative, submit a wholesale enquiry online for more info.

Next generation lightweight nano tubes for Road, Gravel, BMX and MTB.