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Hi! Do you want to be an official Nano Tube upgrade centre?

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If you are interested in buying our TPU bike tubes at wholesale please get in touch with Peter or simply submit your details here on our form.

You will see our wholesale 10 packs below for ease of purchase for larger orders OR you can select your own mixed pack of 10 TPU inner tubes using the wholesale items below.  Minimum purchase is 10 items.

Our Wholesale pricing is very simple.  You pay 50% of retail, which includes shipping of course. This can be accessed by use of a client-specific discount code we will provide to you when you get in touch (Prices below are full retail but your code gets you 50% off).  Store collateral can be found below to help you with your sales process and demonstrate the value to your customers.

Note we have a sample pack available below.

This sample pack is intended for potential wholesale customers, but is available for purchase generally   The price is a substantial discount to retail but the pack configuration is set.  Shipping is included. 6 tubes in total. Note the wholesale discount code will not work on this pack, it's already heavily discounted, so that means you can try it out straight away.

The pack will contain.

2 X 700C 26-32mm with 65mm stem

2 X 700C 38-47mm with 65mm stem

2 X 29er 2.1-2.5in with 45mm stem

Shop collateral

Collateral is available here.